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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (click on image for link)
Emergency Locking Retractors
Automatic Locking Retractors

Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) which lock in an emergency.
They can have a) and/or b):

 a) Webbing sensors which sense webbing acceleration. ie the   retractor will lock if the webbing is snatched. Typically abrupt   torso movement.

 b) Vehicle sensors which sense vehicle movement. ie the   retractor will lock with sudden vehicle movement. Typically abrupt   stopping, vibration or roll-over.

Vehicle sensors require specific installation angles i.e 90°/90°.

Technical definition (from ECE R16):

"A retractor which during normal driving conditions does not restrict the freedom of movement by the wearer of the safety-belt. Such a device has length adjusting components which automatically adjust the strap to the wearer and a locking mechanism actuated in an emergency.

Automatic Locking Retractors (ALRs) which lock when the lap belt is put around the wearer.

Technical definition (from ECE R16):

"A retractor allowing extraction of the strap to the desired length and which, when the buckle is fastened, automatically adjusts the strap to the wearer. Further extraction of the strap is prevented without voluntary intervention by the wearer."

- Quick release.

2"  vertical retractor
2"/47mm webbing
2"/47mm webbing
Twin Release buckle
Twin Release with webbing, cable or metal tang connection
2" horizontal retractor
2"/47mm webbing
Horizontal (90°/180°)
2"/47mm webbing manually unlocking retracting (remains locked until the lever is operated)
Twin release buckle with micro switch
Twin Release with integral micro switch
2"/47mm webbing
Fully covered LH (60°/90°)
3"/72mm webbing
Twin Release buckle with controlled movement
Twin Release Buckle with Controlled Movement feature
2" Angle adjustable mounting
2"/47mm webbing
Angle adjustable mounting
Frame length variants
Frame length variants available
Single Release Buckle
Single Release
Compact buckle
Compact (on webbing)
3" webbing retractor
3"/72mm webbing
Turn Lever buckle
Turn Lever Buckle for ECE
Turn Lever for ECE Homologation

All Buckles and Retractors are incorporated in a range of systems certified to one or more of the following standards: ECE R16, SAE J386, SAEJ2292, ISO 6683 and or FIA 8853/4.

Not all variants shown are available in quantities less than 200.

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