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GOLF MK3 (92-97). FRONT SEAT BELT - Helpful Hints

RETRACTOR - Mounted in door pillar.
The bracket provided may be used to offset the retractor to ensure it is upright.
Bend the lugs back where necessary.
PRETENSIONER - On some vehicles under the door sill trim.
Loosening the mounting bolt should deactivate the pretensioner.
Dispose of safely.
The Securon Belt is a direct replacement approved to the same European Standard.
(It will arrest the wearer within the same tolerances without using a pretensioner).
BUCKLE - Mounted on seat frame.
Form the Securon buckle cable to follow the shape of the one being replaced.
Remove the 'pip' on the seat frame.
Connect the buckle to the frame.
Cut away plastic above round hole in pillar loop so it rotates freely.
Re use original bolt.
Cut away car trim to allow free exit of webbing to shoulder.
4 Door Vehicles
Use right angled bracket provided to avoid trim.
2 Door Vehicles with slider bars.
Refer to diagrams provided with belt
Where required refer to diagrams provided with belt.


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