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FITTING SEAT BELTS - Automatic Front Seat Belt - Vertical Retractor (P.n. 500/ . . . )

Automatic Front Seat Belt - Instructions for fitting and use
Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding.


1. Locate anchorage points in car. Fig. A below shows a typical layout.

2. Install belt referring to appropriate anchorage diagrams (1-5).

3. The buckle should lie on or just below the hip. Flexible cable stalks may be bent, in a smooth curve, to suit the installation. DO NOT bend sharply or within 80mm of the mounting hole.

Location / Anchorage Diagrams

Upper Bracket Mounting

FASTENING THE BELT: Insert belt tongue into buckle, a positive locking 'click' indicates assembly.

RELEASING THE BELT: Press the release button on the buckle and the tongue will be ejected.

* These instructions should be passed to the owner/driver.
* The belt is designed for use by one person and must not be put around a child seated on a persons lap.
* It is important to wear the belt on each journey.
* The belt is suitable for restraining most child seats and boosters.
* It is not intended for children unless used with other approved restraints.
* The belt should at all times be adjusted and used in accordance with the instructions. No excessive slackness should be present.
* Once installed the diagonal should pass across the centre of the shoulder and the buckle should lie just on or below the hip.
* Avoid twisting the webbing during use. Webbing must not be allowed to chafe, i.e. against sharp edges.
* Do not make alterations or additions to the belt. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer.
* Periodic inspection of the belt and installation is recommended.
* Belts need to be in good condition. If they have been cut, frayed, damaged or stressed through impact they should be replaced. After impact, the car anchorage points should also be checked.
* To clean use warm soapy water only. Do not use chemical cleaners, Bleach or Dye. Contamination with petrol, Grease and Acid will be detrimental.

When fitting is complete, with the car stationary, tug sharply on the webbing and observe that the belt locks.


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